Understanding the Health Implications of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is one of those few topics which can stir strong emotions among doctors, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and the public. Many questions remain mysterious such as

  •   Is it safe for use?
  •   Should it be made legal?
  •   Should it be decriminalized?
  •   For what conditions should it be used?
  •   Does it cause addiction?
  •   How can it be kept away from teenagers?

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Marijuana is legal in many parts of the USA and many countries in the world. Medical marijuana is not a part of the agenda of major political parties as well. About 85% of Americans with the likes of popular figures such as Rick Simpson support medical marijuana.

The extract from the hemp plant known as cannabidiol (CBD) is less controversial as it has fewer intoxicating properties. Patients have reported about the benefits of CBD such as relief from insomnia, anxiety, spasms, and pain to life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy. Childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome is controlled by a CBD-dominant strain of marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web.

In the United States, pain control is the biggest reason for the use of medical marijuana. People like Rick Simpson, who supports medical marijuana, find it to be safer than opiates due to no chances of overdose and is less addictive. It can be a replacement for Advil or Aleve for people who have issues related to the kidneys, ulcers or GERD.

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It eases the pain of multiple sclerosis. Opiates can be highly sedating. Hence, patients with nerve related issues, claim that marijuana does not hamper any activities. Marijuana, as claimed by people like Rick Simpson, is a good muscle relaxant and reduce tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. Fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, which may cause chronic pain, is reduced as well. It can be used for nausea, weight loss, and glaucoma. Use of medical marijuana for PTSD in veterans is a promising area of research as well. It helps in relieving from pain from wasting syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. Rick Simpson claims that if treated with caution, medical marijuana can be useful for many chronic problems.

Generally, patients feel embarrassed to bring up medical marijuana with their doctor as the medical community has always been overly dismissive about the issue. Many patients who might already be using medical marijuana can’t reveal it to their doctors due to fear of being criticized. People like Rick Simpson suggest that patients should be honest with their doctors so that they share information about it.

Doctors may have a pro, neutral, or against view about medical marijuana, but they should first understand the various benefits and risks of medical marijuana. They should keep an open mind and should not be overly judgmental as this will drive patients to seek information from less reliable sources of information. Patients will continue to use it without revealing. A lot of complaints are received from doctors that there is a lack of substantial evidence to recommend or prescribe medical marijuana. But instead of distrusting it from the start, it is better to continue the study and research for the betterment of mankind.

Daily Tips for Relapse Prevention

There are certain preventive measures that are needed to remember to get rid of relapse method by drugs and substance abuse. You can get the best service for this in detox centre in London. Many people can struggle with the problem of addiction to any substance like drugs and any other substance even after undergoing the intense treatment program. They also get periodic relapses even after the treatment is done. For getting rid of this relapses, long term planning is required so that the addictives are out of danger. Relapse occurs when a person have refrained themselves from using any kind addictive substance like drugs for a particular period of time. However relapse does not mean that the patient cannot get back in the right track of recovery.

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The Stages of Relapse:

We all know that relapse is not an event but a process. You must have a clear idea about the stages of relapse to understand the idea of methods to prevent relapse. There are different stages of relapse in detox centre in London that you must understand before you start with the techniques of prevention against relapse. Here is a list of stages that you should know about.

  • Emotional relapse
  • Physical relapse
  • Mental relapse


The Factors Causing Relapse:

There are some factors that play a major role in the prevention of relapse. Knowing and recognizing the signs of relapse especially which are the high risk factors are the most important thing for planning the drug relapse prevention methods. By applying certain skills in detox centre in London the patients can prevent frequent relapse and maintain soberness. The most common factors that contribute to relapse are as follows:

  • Health issues that include mental and emotional issues
  • Social pressure
  • Conflict
  • Celebrations
  • Positive events of life
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation

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Many Warning Signs of Relapse:

There are certain signs that can be seen if the patient goes through the relapse. Many people can identify the warning signs of relapse but if you can’t understand here is a list of signs that are seen. This signs can also be known from the experts of detox centre in London.

  • Keeping drugs in your home for any specific reason
  • Isolating yourself from the society
  • Thinking about using the drugs
  • reducing the use of therapy
  • shying away from the treatment program of addiction
  • sudden changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • reduce of energy levels
  • shying away from mixing up with other people


Techniques That Can Be Used To Deal with Relapse:

Many techniques can be applied for preventing the relapse method. These methods are also applicable for Neworld detox centre in London. If you don’t know the techniques you can look up to the list mentioned below:

  • go out on a trip with friends or family
  • distract yourself
  • do something that you like to do
  • keep yourself busy
  • meditate for some time
  • relax yourself for quick recovery

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Tips for Getting Success in Relapse Prevention:

You must also need to know the tips that are required for successful relapse prevention. But before you apply the tips you must know about the signs and apply them accordingly. The tips for preventing relapse successfully are as follows:

  • Learn to tackle the emotions
  • Try to balance between work and relaxation
  • Try to manage the tricky situations
  • Do certain things which you like to do