Clinical Trainees

Clinical Trainees
The Child & Family Research Institute is committed to the research education needs of clinical trainees.

Workshops and seminars organized through the Research Education Office are offered on an annual basis and/or as required based on the needs of the current trainee population. Registration for upcoming workshops is available on the event calendar.

Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP)
CCHCSP provides support for highly qualified child health clinician candidates to develop their requisite knowledge and skills for a career as an independent scientist in child health research. Trainees engage in research training and a core curriculum in one of the participating Child Health Research Training Centres of the CCHCSP. The Research Education Office organizes meetings for the UBC-CCHCSP trainees to complete the curriculum.

For information on funding opportunities visit the CCHCSP website.

UBC Clinician Investigator Program
The UBC Clinician Investigator program is designed to provide a combined research and clinical training stream for residents in Clinical Specialty Programs at UBC. The aim is to encourage young physicians to pursue careers as clinician-scientists and to renew the clinical academic faculty at UBC and other Canadian Medical Schools.