CFRI Awards

Congratulations to the following trainees who received funding from the Child & Family Research Institute. CFRI Graduate Studentships I CFRI Postdoctoral Fellowships 

CFRI Graduate Studentships

Mr. Joshua Brown,
CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship
Post-translational modification and function of the DNA damage response protein Rtt107 in budding yeast.
Supervisor - Dr. Michael Kobor

Ms. Helen Chen, Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Foundation Graduate Studentship
The receptor for hyaluronan mediated motility (RHAMM) regulates the spindle assembly checkpoint and maintains genome stability.
Supervisor - Dr. Christopher Maxwell

Mr. Mario Fidanza, CFRI Graduate Studentship
Identifying imune determinants of acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression.
Supervisor - Dr. Gregor Reid

Ms. Grace Goh, CFRI Jan M. Friedman Graduate Studentship
The roles of transcription factors that interact with the Mediator subunit MDT-15.
Supervisor - Dr. Stefan Taubert

Ms. Romy Hoeppli, Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Graduate Studentship
Thymic tregs as a cell-based therapy to induce tolerance to islet transplants.
Supervisor - Dr. Megan Levings

Ms. Elizabeth Marchant, CFRI Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship
The development of innate immunity in premature neonates.
Supervisor - Dr. Pascal Lavoie

Ms. Joanna Triscott, CFRI Graduate Studentship
PLK1 deregulation as a driver of relapse in pediatric medulloblastoma.
Supervisor - Dr. Sandra Dunn

Mr. Kevin Tsai, CFRI Graduate Studentship
Characterization and regulation of autoreactive CD8 T cells
Supervisor - Dr. Rusung Tang

Ms. Samantha Wilson, CFRI Graduate Studentship
Applying molecular tools to screen for placental complications of pregnancy
Supervisor - Dr. Wendy Robinson

2007 - 2013 CFRI Graduate Studentship Awards

CFRI Postdoctoral Fellowships

Dr. Michal Aharoni-Simon, CFRI Bertram Hoffmeister Postdoctoral Fellowship
Targeting the interplay between beta-cell ROS signaling autophagy and apoptosis in diabetes.
Supervisor - Dr. Dan Luciani

Dr. Marisa Connell, Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
RHAMM is needed to balance the growth and differentiation of neuroepithelial progenitor cells.
Supervisor - Dr. Christopher Maxwell

Dr. Emily Gardiner, CFRI/NeuroDevNet Postdoctoral Fellowship
Investigating behaviour problems among children with neurodevelopmental disabilities: The impact on family outcomes.
Supervisor - Dr. Anton Miller & Dr. Lucyna Lach

Dr. Irina Manokhina, CFRI Mining for Miracles Postdoctoral Fellowship
Cell-free nucleic acids in maternal plasma as potential markers for placental insufficiency.
Supervisor - Dr. Wendy Robinson

Dr. Veronica Schiariti, CFRI/NeuroDevNet Postdoctoral Fellowship
Developing a functional index and a derived chronic pain index for children and youth with Cerebral Palsy based on the International Classification of Functioning
Supervisor - Dr. Tim Oberlander

Dr. Andrew Tu, CFRI Postdoctoral Fellowship
Developing an item bank for measuring the built environment for physical activity
Supervisor - Dr. Louise Masse

2007 – 2013 CFRI Postdoctoral Fellowships