Research Programs

The Research Education Office provides training programs geared towards the variety of research undertaken at the Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital & Health Care Centre.

  • Events Seminars, workshops, research and networking events on and offsite.
    Events 8
  • Graduate Students Research education opportunities for master's and doctoral students. Graduate Students 3
  • Postdoctoral Fellows Research education opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. Postdoctoral Fellows 4
  • Undergraduate & Medical Students CFRI's Summer Student Research Program. Undergraduate & Medical Students 2
  • High School Students Research education opportunities for senior high school students. High School Students 1
  • Clinical Trainees Research education opportunities for clinical trainees. Clinical Trainees 5
  • Clinical Research Coordinators Development and networking opportunities for clinical research coordinators. Clinical Research Coordinators 6
  • Trainee Research Forum An event showcasing the outstanding work undertaken by CFRI trainee. Trainee Research Forum 7